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The sky is the limit small businesses transitioning to the cloud

  • 20th February 2021
The sky is the limit small businesses transitioning to the cloud   Recently, we have heard a lot of hype around cloud transforming the way small and medium sized businesses are doing business. Leaders in cloud transformation say that cloud based computing has evened out the playing field, allowing small businesses to finally compete with ...
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What is Web Hosting?

  • 15th December 2020
What is Web Hosting? You’ve just reserved a domain name and are ready to start building your website. Congratulations! Now you may be wondering why you have to pay for web hosting. This begs the question: What is web hosting? And why do I need it? How Web Hosting Works When you want to start a business in the real world, you need a physical ...
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Click, Click, BOOM – You’re in Business But Is Your Technology Ready?

  • 13th November 2020
It’s a fast business world. Brilliant business ideas can be conjured up at some hipster-filled vegan coffeehouse, a website is thrown together, and poof… in no time at all there is a living, breathing, small business venture accessible from anywhere in the world. But as your head hits the pillow at night, with visions of becoming the next ...
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Is shared web hosting still relevant in 2020?

  • 29th September 2020
Not only is shared hosting still relevant, but it’s probably also the best option if you’re just starting out. With shared web hosting, you get unlimited hosting resources, which will save you money and meet all your basic needs. Dedicated and VPS hosting are a bit pricey and can be too much for a beginning out blogger. You might upgrade ...
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